Ariadna's first poetry book published and written in Catalan when she was 23 years old. Nothing in this book is a coincidence. It is a condensed experience that reveals all the stages of her mind using as a measurement the light of a day.  ​

This book is divided into three parts: morning, afternoon and night. And you are now invited to an exclusive event by reading it, one where you could feel as she was feeling. ​


Hurry up! It's in its second edition already! 


A bilingual anthology where Ariadna had the honor to participate in Castilian and be translated into Portuguese by Xavier Frías. Beautifully illustrated by the artist Abel Dávila.


The richness of topics, writing as well as the variety of voices enhances all the senses. Poetry is reunited here crossing borders.


Once more, the bond between cultures and idioms is an evergreen bridge in Ariadna's writing. This is the very example of it, a poetic anthology this time entirely is written in Portuguese where you cant taste different flavours, as many as authors.